ICONS & GRAPHICS by: _01010101

ICONS by: _01010101
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Icons, headers, & other graphics made by _01010101.
This icon community is public. However I do keep some icons members only. Most of the icons I will post are of personal fandoms(30 Rock, The Office, The Early November, music, and etc). I will try to add some varieties in the mix whenever i'm feeling more creative. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment them.

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1. Please comment and credit if taking any.
You may credit either submergeicons or my personal livejournal: _01010101
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3. Please DO NOT use my icons & graphics on other sites without permission.
4. Do not submit my icons or graphics to sites or community contests as your own.
5. Icon bases may be edited.
6. I do not take request, However I do accept suggestions.
7. Enjoy!
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Enfest, Nocturna, Bully, , Illuminated, 1greeneye, & VBrush, Classic, Batkarma, Oxoniensis, Lush Brushes, Final-Run, ex-posed(carton), Tre-xtures, Hybrid-Genesis or scanned by me.

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Tools: Photoshop CS2, PSP 7& Animation Shop

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