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ICONS & GRAPHICS by: _01010101
29e-sep-2007 09:00 am(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
Hey guys, here's icons for a request post I did over at 20mph. All are shareable. Hope you enjoy!

The usual, comment and credit if you take any, and no hotlinking.


if you notice in the corner there's a tiny heart...Réduire )
15e-sep-2007 03:51 pm - NEW ICONS!!!
coach taylor | fnl
[01]-[03] | Angels & Airwaves
[04]-[11] | Cartel
[12]-[18] | Melee
[19]-[24] | The Rocket Summer
[25]-[26] | The All American Rejects
[27]-[00] | Hellogoodbye
[28]-[29] | The Academy Is...
[30]-[00] | The Starting Line
[31]-[36] | Scrubs
[37]-[00] | Cartel FO Banner

Comment and credit _01010101 if taking any. No hotlinking. Enjoy!


more icons under the cut...Réduire )

Don't forget to join 20mph. A new icon community where i'm a maker at.

Thanks <3
11e-sep-2007 07:28 pm(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
I am now a maker at 20mph. An icon community created by Andrew: paradeuxx. You can join here to view my icons there. I will still continue to post my icons here, but probably only for a short period of time.

Thank you! Julie
10e-sep-2007 12:41 am(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
Hey guys! Since college classes for Fall quarter starts on the 24th of this month, I am going to attempt an 100 icons post.

If you have any requests and/or suggestions, please comment here with at least five HQ caps per person. If I cannot work with the images you give me, I will let you know. It can be music, celebs, tv shows, or movies.

Thank you to all who have joined or added this community. It is very much appreciated! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer and school(for those whose classes has begun).

- Julie
1er-sep-2007 03:07 am(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
[01] - [04] | Brand New
[05] - [07] | Cobra Starship
[08] - [10] | Cute Is What We Aim For
[11] - [14] | HelloGoodbye
[15] - [17] | Jamison Parker
[18] - [20] | Kate Nash
[21] - [23] | Motion City Soundtrack
[24] - [28] | Paramore
[29] - [31] | The Rocket Summer

03. 12. 27.

  1. Comment and credit if taking any.
  2. No Hotlinking.
  3. Enjoy!

You make me merry very happy...Réduire )
14e-aoû-2007 02:30 am(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
[01]-[06] | Scrubs
[07]-[11] | Arrested Development
[12]-[16] | Boys Like Girls
[17]-[20] | Mandy Moore
[21]-[21] | Cartel
[22]-[22] | Daphne Loves Derby
[23]-[23] | Hidden In Plain View
[24]-[24] | KT Tunstall

Comment and credit if taking any. No hotlinking. ENJOY! =)

09. 14. 19.
hold on to what you know you've got...Réduire )
25e-juil-2007 03:32 pm - ICON REQUESTS TIME!
coach taylor | fnl
What icons do YOU want to see? I plan on starting a batch tomorrow to post sometime on Sunday so post requests or suggestions if you have any. No fashion celebrities and common celebrity editorial stuff because there are tons of great icon communities for those.

I can do two icons per person, but I might make more depending on my creativity. Please post at least four images just incase I can't work with a certain image. If you want a friends only or userinfo banner with your request let me know and I can personalize one for you.

Thank you! Julie
13e-juil-2007 05:06 pm(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
[01]-[02] | The Office
[03]-[06] | C.R.A.Z.Y.
[07]-[16] | Jeux d'Enfants (Love Me, If You Dare)
[17]-[17] | Cat Power
[18]-[18] | Rachael Yamagata
[19]-[19] | The Early November
[20]-[20] | 30 Rock
[21]-[21 | Dwight (The Office) - FO banner
[22]-[33] | The Starting Line w/ 2 FO banners
[34]-[48] | The Rocket Summer w/ 4 FO banners & 1 header

I'm making a bunch more so expect new icons to be added to this post.


Comment and credit if taking any, no hotlinking, ENJOY!
I can't have you running all over the office requesting seed.Réduire )

All resources can be found @ my profile.
17e-juin-2007 10:30 pm - hmmmm.... long time... eh?
coach taylor | fnl
Sorry for the lack of updates. Family emergencies and college have been top priority for the past months I was away for. These are just icons that I have made since then, but never gotten around to posting them.

[01]-[30] 30 Rock
[31]-[45] The Office
[46]-[55] The Early November

1. Comment and credit if taking any.
2. No hotlinking please.
3. Enjoy!

21. 32. 48.
WHO LET 407 IN? JONATHAN! We have drills!Réduire )
7e-jan-2007 02:59 pm(pas de sujets)
coach taylor | fnl
[01]-[18] | The Office | 3-12 Back From Vacation
[19]-[28] | Joan of Arcadia | Season 2

comment and credit if taking any. no hotlinking. enjoy!

credit: tonicangel for The Office caps.
more under the cut...Réduire )
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